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Northland Pines 3 on 3 and Skills Challenge

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8th Annual Northland Pines

3v3 and Skills Challenge

November 3rd, 2018

Go to the "Forms" tab to download your registration and rules. 

2018 3v3 Tournament Commercial:


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We are so grateful for all of the sponsors of the NPBA. Please visit the "Sponsors" tab to see the local businesses and clubs sponsor the NPBA and say "thank you"! We could not run the tournaments or program without their support. 

Thank you to the boys and girls varsity teams for running the score keeping and skills challenges during the tournament and to Gail Schwenn for doing an amazing job coordinating all of the concessions! The day wouldn't happen without all of your help!

There was a record high 29 teams that came out to play this year's 3on3 Tournament! The top finishers were:

3rd/4th Grade Boys – 1st Place -- Lando Bears

                                    2nd __ The Ballers

                                    3rd - Fast Four

5th/6th Grade Boys – 1st Place Triple Threat

2nd Place – Rockets

3rd Place – Final Four

5th/6th Grade Girls – 1st Place – 6th Grade Slammers

2nd Place – Tomahawk

3rd Place – Sugar Camp Robins

7th/8th Grade Boys – 1st Place – MLP

2nd Place – Bucket Squad

3rd Place – Guardians of the Gabe

2017 Shooting Stars Champions:

This year, the team of Nora Gremban, Hadley Kruse, Hunter Rose and Sam Gremban walked away with the Shooting Stars Championship Trophies. They were able to outlast eight other teams in three rounds of the competition. 

Skills Challenge Winners: