Friday, July 12, 2024

2013 Northland Pines 3 on 3 Tournament

2013 Results

The Free Throw Shootout between the Fab 4! and the Bat Babes (7th/8th Grade Girls division) put a perfect close to the 2013 Northland Pines 3 on 3. Tied in record and splitting their two games, these two teams went into a shoot out to determain the winner of the 7th/8th grade girls division. To nobody’s surprise, they could not settle this in round and it took two rounds before the free throw shoot out was won by the Fab 4!.

This was a perfect way to end what may have been the best compition this tournament has ever seen. The competition was so close, there were a half a dozen tie break shootouts throughout the day.

Below are the final standings of the top three teams in each division:

3rd/4th Grade Boys:

1st Place – Hodags; Jackson Smith, Jordan Kuczmarskin, Quinn Lamers,

Cam Chamberlin

2nd Place – Black Mambas; Jack Gremban, Sam Gremban, and Colby Kruse

3rd Place – “Crew” Saders; Brady Beyer, Nolan Lurvey, Frankie Milanowski,

Devin Millis

5th/6th Grade Boys:

1st Place – The Swat Team;Brenden Kortenhof, Brock Walkowski, Ciarke Mouw,

Drake Martin

2nd Place – Northern Waste;

3rd Place – The Beasts; Nick Greenberg, Joe Misina, Foster Hakes, Pierce Wiersma


7th/8th Grade Boys:

1st Place – Pink Ballers; Reene Craig, Zach Johnston, Mathew Rudolph, Troy Gwin

2nd Place – The Wolf Pack; Landon Lax, Cameron Wait, Mike Rosinski,

Noah Christenson

3rd Place – The Knights; Logan Freund, Brad Comer, Easton Phalin, Reese Flores


5th/6th Grade Girls

1st Place – The Avengers; Kenedy VanZile, Brooke Mork, Payton VanZile,

Baylee Lehmann

2nd Place – Fast ‘N Dangerous; Taylor Olivotti, Ashley Buckmaster, Teresa Kopanski,

Madelyn Mesun

3rd Place – Got Milk; Izzy Haverkampf, Kendra Durkee, Lexi Morrison, Marisa McGuire


7th/8th Grade Girls

1st Place – The Fab 4!;Alexa Gutierrez, Lexi Smith, Kayla Maki, Kenadi Mayo

2nd Place – Batman Babes; Molly Wagler, Maddie Meyer, Madison Schindler,

Stephaine Schoone

3rd Place – Hodag Hotshots; Sydni Scarcelli, Ally Seefeldt, Cayla Fritz, Alayna Franson